Push pull, push-pull, my legs burn as they go around and around. The load heavy as I spin my bike. The instructor yells at me “Come on Hannah, harder.” I grit my teeth and take my workout to the next level. Music pumps, I reach to increase my incline. The screen reads seventeen. I breathe heavy, hard, gasping for air.
From the front she inspires us by saying “You are in a race.” Picture it, and when you are in a race you never ever give up.”

I can’t let the words go.

“When you are in a race you never ever give up.”

Source: via Hannah on Pinterest

What is your race?

It takes stamina and courage to run the course. It’s discipline when you feel like giving up, soul deep inspiration to stay focused, heavenly intervention to provide sustenance. When God fires the gun at the starting line, at the beginning of your race, know he has purposeful intentions that he needs you to fulfill.

When the course takes you through valleys and around landscape that’s unpredictable the temptation is to give up, leave the race. In those urgent moments, centre yourself and realign yourself to His intentions. He never asks you to do something that you cannot handle. He believes in you and will give you what you need to keep on keeping on. Be a courageous child of Christ, dig deep and stay fixed on what lies ahead. One step in front of the other, moment by moment, day by day.

Choose to run the marathon. When fatigue sets in your character shows. Do you abandon your pursuit or allow determination to manifest and spur you on?

Living a heavenly calling comes with obstacles. What seems crazy to others makes complete sense to you. The whispers from our Father are unique and individual as He is personal and has specific tasks for you. I urge you friend, not to live in others limitations. When you have a calling, rise without fear, you do not live in others condemnation or misunderstanding. Run your race with gusto. When the tongues of others move and opinions form, remain in Him. Wear blinkers and keep your eyes on Christ. He is worth it.
Live out your God-given convictions regardless. When you know, really know, that you have a job to it unhindered.

Live Godly lives.

Allow God to be your shelter, your fortress in time of need.

The way you respond to opposition reflects your character and DNA. Too many words are folly so silent yourselves. Arguments are useless and can ruin those who watch your lives closely. We as followers are set apart and need to act in such a way.

Gossip is often hidden in words to bring justification to one’s story. If it doesn’t edify another then I urge you to stop. The person you’re speaking about has feelings, has a heart. Build them up, do not tear them down. We are accountable for what we say. Apologise if you need to…

Endurance is powerful and will get you through a difficult situation without giving up. You have it within you. Why? The one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world (1 John 4:4)

His spirit powerful and will nourish you, heal you, inspire you to run the good race, his race, your race.

If you’ve fallen like I have done many times, then I gently say “Stand and dust yourself off and keep on running…”


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