Just as You are…

In my mind’s eye, I see Him, clothed in compassion and kindness beckoning you into his courts of praise…
He’s whispering to you in this very moment to come,
Come. just. as. you. are.
Abandon your preconceived ideas of who can approach the throne of grace.
Kneel before the King who pours unconditional love on you.

march 5th 2013 kneeling

Yes you.
You are good, you are worthy, your faults and mistakes are overlooked when forgiveness humbly requested. Open your hands and receive.
Can you feel it being poured out like a river into your parched soul?
His warmth and joy strengthening your being?
It’s there.
Quieten yourself.

QT 1

Close your eyes and ask him to show you who He is, who He needs to be for you in this very moment…Draw near to Christ and He will draw near to you.
He’s whispering, can you hear?
You his child were thought of before all of time. You have a heavenly origin.
Your needed, filled with purpose and intent.

Religion isn’t the answer but relationship is.

He wants you.
He pursues you,
He remembers you when this world forgets.

QT 5

Marinate in him, I say with zeal.
Surround yourself, immerse yourself, let yourself go in Him..
His love for you unfailing and gentle pouring out like a fountain,
He delights in you.

Come he says and find deep nourishing rest. Take the burdens off your shoulders and allow me to carry them. There is nothing too big for me to handle. Do you trust me child of mine?

Really trust…

I am the God Almighty, who was and is and is to come,
I placed the stars in the sky,
I parted the Red Sea,
I rescued a nation out of Egypt,
I stopped ferocious lions devouring a man,
And I made you without mistake.

Enter friend, enter into his courts just as you are.


2 thoughts on “Just as You are…

    • Thank you so VERY much for your encouragement and words. What a blessing you are. I’m about to log onto your blog which i’m excited to read. Bless Bless Bless You!

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