A Prayer For Lent

She slides up next me on the wooden pew, it was the Sunday after Valentine’s Day. Her present was a beautiful bracelet with a cross that sat in the middle. She seems to do that, my friend I call “Champas” she seems to have the ability to keep the cross in the middle, the centre…

Her eyes well and blue eyes sparkle, words spill out making my thirsty soul hydrated. “I’m making a promise to You, the Pastor You Call Husband and  your boy “Sunny.” For all of lent I’m praying big prayers for your child who Doctor’s and Professional’s call Intellectually Disabled. “Not little prayers she says excitedly but prayers that will increase faith and move mountains…”

“If faith can move mountains then let the mountains move.” She speaks it with conviction and assurance. For she intimately knows the God who orchestrates miracles.

I smile wearily but also with a deep sense of gratitude that a sister in Christ would deny herself to the point of sacrifice. She is simply displaying a laying down of self in order to put another first, carrying my burdens when the load is too heavy that it might lighten so I can continue to stand upright and fight. She is decreasing and allowing Christ to increase so there is less of her and more of him.

More of him..

Oh how the soul can sing “All is well” when we lay down, handover, boost our capacity for the Spirit to work. Listen, can you hear him beckoning you?

Less of us, more of him…

Then, All is well when life circumstances attempts to fracture the soul and the unexpected tries to rob joy.

Less of us, more of him conquers, heals, inspires, strengthens, equips, flourishes, free’s and loves his handcrafted creations.

Less of us and more of Him restores ashes to beauty.

“Champas” has been on her faith journey long enough to know she is following the greatest example. Her  outpouring of love means her knees will bend feeling the hard floor every morning, words and plea’s offered up to the heavens where the Father hears her moaning and requests for something greater, something deeper something that will change a little boy’s life. Where she as a daughter of the King offers less of her and yearns for more of Him.



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