Out of the Box…

I peer through the window of his classroom and see him standing there alone. He holds his two books that have been purchased especially for him by his teachers. My mother’s heart feels a twinge knowing he’s been on the fringe socially, again. My blue-eyed, blond-haired little guy that I call Sunny isn’t like most three year old’s. He’s the child that most adults shy away from because he’s...different.

 Different, distinct or separate

What if different shaped our tomorrows? If we lived in a way that was counter cultural to the norms of our society? That we heard God whispers constantly throughout our day and we acted. That we dropped excuses and stepped boldly into His promptings?

A selfless life is actually a gain…

Imagine if we obeyed without questions and doubts as we realised different is positive. That a person standing alone is never without a companion providing strength, insight and answers, as the God of the universe is living and breathing within.

We in humility drawing on a super natural power that stills trembling legs and gives a voice to those who need to speak. He gives words of grace that disarms fragile conversations and applauds action that provides justice to a broken world.

As we lean into Him the thought of different becomes familiar and OK.

When a higher calling is placed in our hearts it makes sense to those who believe and the thought of it looking crazy to the rest only makes us laugh.

A radical life carves out difference. It shapes our today leaving a legacy for tomorrow.

The time to rise and wake out of our slumber is now. He beckons us to align our hearts with His. To leave situations that tear us down, to live a redeemed life which has overcome sin, to sing songs of praise as our feet hit the floor each morning, to number our blessings and remember the gifts bestowed graciously upon us, but most importantly, to make an eternal difference.


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