All This Dust…

I find her quietly flicking pages before dawn. Hair of brown drapes long making a frame around her petite face. The lamp is on and pictures of her brother as a baby draw her attention. There is a coloring book covered with different shades of paper placed on the coffee table. Red,orange green and blue sit glued hugging her masterpiece. The artist in my six-year-old has been at work. She likes to make things beautiful. She tells me that one day she will be an Artist and a Pastor like her Daddy.
She places the photo album down and picks up her creation. I smile with pride as she displays her work. Moments pass, I place bread in the toaster and I say to her “I have a song for you.”

Gungor strums a beat and the words are heard…

“You make beautiful things out of dust.”

For some reason emotion takes over as I butter toast. Everything becomes blurry, I blink hard as tears spill. I scold myself for allowing this to happen. I look up and see my three year old staring gently, he gives me a half smile.

The work inside of me is never done. Only the night before had I asked the Pastor I call Husband how my character could change. How I could become a new creation in Him…The God who promises new life.

“All this dust”…the grime inside my heart sits heavily pleading to be washed away. The river of life beckons to flow yet the build up of dirt prevents if from flowing freely…deeply.

I know His presence nourishes, feeds and rebuilds so why do I buck?

The song continues and I allow my heart to feel it…

“You make beautiful things out of us.”

Really Lord?

How do you turn my harsh words into something attractive…The sigh when it becomes over bearing and the load is heavy? The roll of the eyes when selfishness prevails and meekness shies away?

Is that when you ask hope to rebirth itself amongst the minds chaos?

When you fall to your knees in broken pieces before an uncontinable God pleading for character transformation?

The music becomes quieter and I hear it…

You make things new…

You are making me new.”

It dawns on me..I’m required to abandon old habits that are not glorifying the King or edifying others.

Aren’t the greatest sermons preached without words…

As Ann Voskamp writes “Then Christianity isn’t an act — but our faith is expressed only in our habits.A habit of not complaining, but the habit of giving thanks; the habit of not worrying, but a habit worshiping. The habit of repeatedly giving God praise that our lives might become a prayer. Small is always the leverage of large. It’s one moment after the other, the small moments that turn a life. It’s the small actions that can change a life.”

A self that flourishes and walks in harmony with the Spirit can only have an out pouring effect bringing praise to the Father in Heaven.

The budding of a new year has begun with opportunity to continue the journey of being built into His image, to be crafted into his likeness. The question is…will you?

Beautiful Things by Gungor


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