And So I Sat and Prayed…

In quietness I slowly prayed…

Father I want to come back to You alone, stripping back all pretenses and exposing the raw me. For You know me well…You understand the way I am intricately designed because it was your hand that formed and shaped this body-Thankyou…

Your willingness to meet me in this very place with open arms humbles and excites the heart. Transform me into your image whilst guiding and nurturing me along my predestined path. Thankyou for Your leading…

Fan into flame the gifts You have bestowed on this servant-May Your name be glorified…

Please demolish the barriers I have used to protect myself-help me to truly trust again.

I yearn to stand before You as Your child dearly loved and treasured realizing You’re the maker of my soul. May Your presence knit the pieces of my heart together forming an unbreakable thread lasting for all eternity…please heal the brokenness. For when I’m broken I operate with wounds causing chaos.

 May Your light wash away my darkness, may it sweep through like a gushing river making a new creation.

Lord I’m hungry for You. Please be my soul food that nourishes so I am filled and satisfied on You alone.

Please keep my eyes and heart pure longing for heavenly riches rather then earthly. Remind me that all things are on loan as I walk into eternity…

Please provide Your peace that transcends all understanding so Your light burns brightly within. May Your flame flicker drawing attention to Your love and forgiveness.

May Your passion for mercy and justice flow out of my fibre so I act with the hands and feet of Jesus. Prompt me to act in times of need…

May Your love compel me to act radically within brokenness.

May I rise to every occasion that You have prepared me for.

Please allow Your peace to flow, mingling with harmony in a world fuelled by turmoil.

May Your answers make sense to those watching with a curious heart. May I bring fame to Your name allowing Your love to penetrate into their spirit.

May I not waste the gift of tomorrow.

Thank you that You lean in on simple prayers, revealing Yourself to those who seek.


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