A New Expressed Meaning…

The Pastor I call Husband preached it with conviction and truth. His words strong and filled with passion as he spoke of the eternal love given to us from our Father.

The gift free for those who believe yet the cost dear, taking a life in order to find ours

 His sermon lead to remembrance. He broke the bread and prayed for the wine declaring our allegiance to Him…the King who bestows agape love revealed through His Son that hung on Calvary’s tree.

The sacrifice modelling perfect agape for all humanity.

A chorus was sung to close the service and He whispers from the heavenly to bend my knees as an act of surrender. I gently sing the words to the hymn and obediently kneel. I feel the Saviour being exalted and replaced centre stage, reminded that losing my life is actually gaining it

I continue to mediate on the fresh manna in solitude…

A new layer is being exposed. The flesh sitting around the well hidden feeling shifting awkwardly as I fail to protect it any longer. The deprivation brings growing pains but I must push through. I continue to hear the quiet, still voice saying…”Significance comes from Me alone.”

 How many times have I thought that, and used those same words as the ones I’m hearing…This time it’s different. This time it penetrates my raw heart which bleeds with lies held captive for years. The cold air on the wound hurts.

The awareness develops as I lean into Him…I find myself off balanced and seeking support from the Almighty. His strong arms prove to be a tower of strength. I stand before Him, weak and incompetent. In vulnerability I strip myself bare displaying imperfections. I know He already see’s but I can’t change what I don’t acknowledge. The old self wants to hide yet the yearning for transformation is too intense.

So there I stand, looking for complete significance in Him alone.

I glance at the gold ring hugging my left finger…Significance does not come from being a married woman, or as a Mama or with education, degrees, knowledge and professions. The definition of who I am is not found in money, status and materialism-Its truly found in being handcrafted and chosen by Him the Maker of the Universe.

The mind is under reconstruction. Established thinking patterns needing change and to be replaced…

The battle of the mind must be won with truth.

The newness discovered needs to flow deeply into my spirit and received filling my empty vessel with a fresh revelation that today, I must be built on and in Christ alone.


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