A Child’s Heart To Change A Smile…

I carried the hot cocoa up the stairs for my little girl of six years. Last night we had ‘a girl sleepover’ while Daddy was away. I handed her the warm drink and she giggled with excitement. I pulled out the hidden candy which she chewed on with delight. We were snuggled under covers of white enjoying togetherness in our unhurried moment. “So” I say, “What are we going to do about our six babies that need our help? How can we raise $1500 so they can have their operation?”

 I answered my question by saying “We should ask God”

A few days prior Charli Girl had spotted a page filled with young faces needing surgery to rectify cleft pallet. She picked up the page and innocently said “Even though they look different they are all beautiful to me.”

She was preaching a sermon in a childlike way, yet her message was for this grown woman. She had the ability to see that which is deemed ugly by the world and stamp it with beauty. Her focus wasn’t on the deformity surrounding the mouth but on the soul that lays behind the eyes.

She saw the whole picture not just part of it.

A growth moment was taking place within…

Have I forgotten to see the world with eyes filled with compassion and grace?

Do I focus on the beautiful part of now?

Or do I rob myself and miss the instances amounting to large chunks of time, wasting and killing the gift of the present… Conviction wells and I’m being stretched.  

Beauty can be seen in all places if you wear the right lenses.

 God is in every moment and every place but you have to choose to see..

Our conversation flowed and turned into prayer. She asked the Lord for His wisdom and expected an answer… 

He spoke to her, right where she was

 “Mama, I see beautiful rainbow stickers for cars.”

 “Wait” she says and closes her eyes in silence… “He is saying to write on the stickers…Poor babies. If they’re sick, we WILL help them.”

I smiled…Part of me wanting to change what she said into something more appealing for people to pledge money to, something articulated in an adult way of thinking but nothing will change those words. They are God breathed. He spoke so she would understand…a meeting place for the two of them.

I asked one last time… “Is He saying anything else to you.” This time she buried her little head under the blanket for a moment and popped back up and said “And we will find out what’s the matter with you.”

To dig deep and find the root of any problem is the answer in rectifying it…

I cuddled her and spoke encouragement into her spirit. I’m overjoyed and grateful for the wiring of this little life entrusted to me on October 4th 2005. For I know that my job as her Mama is to raise her as a disciple loving the Lord with her whole  heart, soul and mind.  And teaching what is right, to love mercy and to walk humbly with her God.


One thought on “A Child’s Heart To Change A Smile…

  1. You bring such memories as I would spend time cuddling and talking about God stuff with His gift to me of my daughter. God used my daughter in so many ways to grow me up on how to draw close to Him and hear Him. You are so very blessed and cherish the moments as I have, and do not forget to journal those words for her in her own journal. Love, love, love how God works in His little children of giant faith.

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