What Are You Wearing?

She has spent far too many hours caught up in her pursuit of beauty. The time ticks as she plans outfits, spends money and dreams of the ways she can present herself in order to be stamped ‘beautiful.’ The empty cycle that never fulfils lets her down time after time.

Yet she still chases… fatiguing her emotions & exhausting credit cards as she lives in self destruction.

If only she had the courage to strip away the layers & examine the reasons for her behaviours. To deal with the core roots so she can live in real freedom. She is being dictated by the world’s unrealistic standards and not by her Maker who deems her perfect.

Does she not realize, that she is insulting Him with every self loathing comment that spills out of her mouth? Or with the thoughts that are holding her in bondage? Does she think God is lying when He say’s “She is fearfully and wonderfully made” Or does she believe the enemy is right when he spits words of venom into her broken spirit?

She runs after emptiness creating a narrow crack in her heart for the “Deceiver” to place himself. He settles in the crevice and works hard at prying her open. A thought that once seemed easy to control has spiralled and created a large open wound that is raw, infected & weeping.

Lies are whispered as he woos her into greater depths of self loathing. She stands in the mirror critically analysing body parts before stamping herself ugly and unworthy. He snickers with delight while she is held captive to her own thoughts…

The circular motion makes her sick…

She must overcome…He gave His power so she would

She should demolish strongholds that have been created and re-engage her mind


Remove worldly garments that have misled, undress with transparency…God knows the heart intimately anyway & reclothe with His strong armor. This will allow her to “Stand firm against all strategies and tricks of the Devil”

 (Eph 6:10)

He beckons her to secure the belt of Truth around her waist

Place her breastplate of Righteousness,

Slip on her shoes of Peace,

Hold her shield of Faith which will extinguish the flaming arrows from the evil one,

Take the helmet of Salvation and the sword of the Spirit which is His Word.

And use them mightily

The battle that she’s fighting will be overcome when she realises that she is called not to conform any longer to this world but to be transformed by the renewing of her mind. (Romans 12:2)

May she be bold enough to make the stand.









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