A Simple Prayer…

Will You pray with me as sister’s in Him, allowing our mouths to offer an incense of praise…

Heavenly Father who delights in Me,

Thankyou for Your fresh mercies that are new everyday,

Thank you for Your grace that spilt out of pierced hands to cover my many many sins,

May I marvel in Your splendor and power as I rest in Your peace today,

Please help me to enrich my husbands life acting as His crown of glory, may I not be a hinderance in anyway,

Allow Your insight to flow through me so I can see into my children’s hearts.

May I have the patience and courage to accomplish the things that You ask me to do this very day…this very moment,

Please clothe me in strength and dignity as I honor Your name,

Keep my spirit quiet and gentle as I laugh at the days to come,

Help me to open the eyes of my heart to the people that need You today,

Allow my hands to become dirty as they work for You,

Show me how to extend my arms to the poor so justice flows,

Keep the door of my home open to any person needing love,

May time not govern decisions, help me to be unhurried,

Please help me feel Your nudging so I don’t miss eternal moments,

May Your joy be my strength as my lips utter Your praises,

Please remind me to be thankful in all situations as I act according to Your purposes and plans.

Bathe me in Your love as I shine like the stars bringing glory to You.

Thank you for all the things that You have done and will do…

Please hear the cry of this servant girls heart.


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