Ester’s Boldness…

She came begging, falling at her husbands feet. I can see her royal robe crushing as she bows in submission to the man they called King Xerxes. He had not invited her into his presence yet through grace was received. He held out his gold scepter so she rose to her feet.

When we rise courage doesn’t fail. It wells up, bursting, believing in the reason for why we stood.

Boldness found her lips as she began to speak. Her words passionate as she sought justice. Her plea was to save her people. “If your majesty is pleased with me and if he thinks it is right, send out a decree reversing Haman’s orders to destroy the Jews…For how can I endure to see my people and my family destroyed and slaughtered?”(Ester 8:5-6)

When was the last time you stood risking your name for the sake of others?

When was the last time you stood risking your name for His?

The burden is light yet heavy as the name of Jesus is exalted. There is an urgency to rise and live for His name only.

It’s a courageous calling living as a counter cultural follower.

It means saying No when the world tells us Yes. It’s seeking His ways and placing others before yourself. The humble life is not for the faint hearted. We are taught at an early age to be self sufficient and to look out for self, yet the man that walked the earth who died for sinners taught a very different message.

Laying down self, dying daily allows His Spirit to manifest bringing empowerment for His glory. He sharpens us to make the needed difference.

He opens the eyes of the heart so compassion is felt. We live in moment by moment decisions which brings opportunity for us to rise for His greater purpose. The walk must be slowed down to truly see that which breaks His heart.

How can a rushing person gain insight?

He calls us to take the scales off our eyes so we are exposed to His heart. As they fall…one by one…the colour of the world changes. New observations are made which have an eternal concept. The craziness of last being first and first being last makes sense. The radical life that lives with bended knees and in tune to His whispers is comprehended. His instructions to love beyond yourself is understood and the voice we need to use is found.

Be strong and courageous for the living God. Speak unashamedly of the Gospel, for today is the day to stand. Now is the time to make changes lasting for all of eternity. Attune your hearts and believe that He speaks to you…What stand will you make today?




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