Your Perception

He saw you all those years ago…He knew that you were going to be made in His image as He crafted you in your mothers womb…I can see the face of our Father, beaming with excitement and joy as He placed the hair on your head, chose your eye color-His gentle hands creating life that is full of purpose and meaning…

You are meant to be here right now…There is a job to be done

As He finishes He leaves a gift that can be found on the inner…Gifts bestowed which will accomplish great things.

Yet in our humanness we generate a distorted view that often focuses on the blemish rather than the perfection

The mirror that we gain our reflection from, shines back lies rather than truth…

The need to compare rises up and the ugliness rears it head creating angst within the soul. Discontentedness swirls around and conjures up emotion. The arm is placed out to seek the next injection of ‘happiness’ as the eyes search, that the money buys, that the words say that the food brings….around and around the merry go round spins…out of control, spiraling down the tube of destruction.

Yet He said I come to give you life to the fullest…Do you believe it?

 That He fashioned you for a higher calling that sets you apart from any other person that has roamed this earth. He crowns you with uniqueness. He looks into your eyes and sees potential.

The past mistakes that tripped you  over should not dictate the future. Fall at His feet, repent and than walk in grace.

Today holds newness that only can be felt when your load is light.

He sits patiently waiting for your next  meeting time. In this moment you consciously feel His hand of love that provides peace.

Allow His truth to manifest itself within your soul.

Your spirit can be joy filled at all times if you make the right choices.

His believers have a responsibility to rise and not allow passivity to reign. Reject  it and stand…For today He calls you to follow– pick up the ruggered cross and continue on the journey that lays before. There is work to be done…To be salt of the earth and penetrate light in darkness.

Stop questioning your weakness and start doing…He provides all you need at the right moment…

No one else can do your job…if doubt is whispered into your ear than I urge you to reject in the name above all names…the name of Jesus.

He has empowered you to conquer the difficulties that surround life circumstances.

There’s never a  battle too big that can not be overcome by Him…believe

Remember Asa when he came against an army…He thought that he would never find victory so he cried out “no one but you can help the powerless against the mighty…in your name we come against the vast horde  (Chronicles2:11)

Do you echo the cries of those who have gone before?

Lay down your rights and disbelief in who you are and arm yourself with the truth.

Keep your eyes up and draw from the Father that leans in and continues to mould.

He believes in you.

Cling to His promises and remover the blinkers of deception.

You are beautiful

You are precious

You have a  Heavenly Father that delights in you…just because you are you.

Don’t allow the world to dictate who you are, instead fight the current and start doing great miracles in His name.


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