Word Games…

Her familiar voice eases my soul. I smile at the thought of being deeply known by the girl I call Yah Yah. I picture her eyes of blue and blonde hair falling around her face as she speaks. “You know what Hann” I love the fact that I’ve developed a new friendship with an old mate of yours…She has taught me how to keep words vaulted inside my heart so I never gossip about anyone.”

My heart skips a beat with excitement…I love when God moulds and shapes…We are never too far on our journey or know enough to be constantly crafted into His likeness…

To me Yah Yah was always mindful of the words she spoke, always treading carefully never to overstep the mark of gossiping. She knows “That the tongue is like a fierce lion who greedily devours human prey-whose teeth pierce like spears and arrows and who’s tongues cut like swords (Psalm 57:4) yet in her humility loves the act of discipline and rises to convictions laid on her heart.

The conversation stirs deeply within as I reflect on the muscle that hides away in a dark cave…

The tongue has undeniable strength that can create life or death with the words that it forms and speaks out.

It works in conjunction with the mind and the state of the inner heart which inturn conveys the state of the person…

We have choice during those conversations when words start to become messy and detrimental… to choose to partake, be silent or better still ’shut it down.”

The chain reaction of Chinese whispers can taint and hinder reputations causing heart ache beyond imagination…

The devil loves to stir up trouble…be on guard…

The bible says in James 3:2 “We all make mistakes, but those who control their tongue can also control themselves in every other way.”

I know too well in my humanness, that I have stumbled and fallen in this area creating effects that are catastrophic. It has torn relationships, created tension forming chasms with loved ones and divided groups where unity should have triumphed.

On the other hand I have been on the receiving end, when detrimental words have been spoken about my character. It creates wounds that cut deep into the heart creating an unfair journey of healing.

Be deliberate and thoughtful before speaking…

We have second by second choices to make as Christ followers to be examples of light.

I believe that true character is shown in the hidden places when an audience isn’t watching or adjudicating. It’s in the safe place amongst dear friends that hurtful words can spill out poisoning an environment. Yet we easily justified it by using the terms venting, opinion, debriefing or even “prayer points.”

Too many words are folly…

If someone has struck you hard, it is not permission to create fire that kills and destroys that which is alive leaving burnt remnants and smouldering ashes.

We all know a harsh word stirs up anger yet kind words disarm situations making our attackers look foolish.

“The words of the godly are like sterling silver; the heart of the fool is worthless”(Proverbs 10:20)

What a challenge it is to turn the other cheek and allow Godliness to succeed even in times when you feel you need to justify. I am learning that no matter what… God is to defend us. I would rather have an untainted character shinning integrity then to get caught up in ‘word games.’ I urge and encourage you to remain silent and not enter into the realm where situations go around in circles creating hurt and angst against another creation that God has designed and marvels at. Allow Him to protect you under His wing that will keep you safe and cared for-no matter what.


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