Little Disciples…

The phone rings early, I know the call is coming from my homeland. The clouds outside hover grey as the rain sprinkles down, the wind howls and I smile at the new season that has arrived. I pick my morning coffee up and answer the phone…It’s mama

We chat briefly and I ask…”How is she?” Her voice lowers “She passed away.” There’s a brief pause to swallow… We talk about the funeral arrangements and my heart aches that I’m not there in Mamas kitchen providing daughters love.

The cost for serving and obeying Him can hurt at times…

The conversation draws to a close like all things do, and I place the handle in the cradle. The little bundle of joy that calls me Mama asks for me to sit so I can watch her dance…I want to frame her beauty as she moves to the beat of the music. I can’t help but reflect on the circle of life as I quietly cheer her on by giving undivided attention.

The two gifts that have been entrusted to me were born with potential to make a difference.

I’m raising little disciples that will do great things in His name. I feel the weight fall heavy as the calling is serious…the highest calling that has come to me yet…

As a Mama I need my knees to know the feeling of bending as I present my children at His alter seeking guidance and wisdom. He the Maker saw my unformed babies before the beginning of time. He designed and shaped my fetuses with abilities, purpose and talents. As a Mama I need to pray for their hidden treasure and allow opportunities for them to shine bringing glory back to Him.

I must teach them about His ways so their hope is anew in Him, speaking of His wonders and His righteous acts.

Its clear I must rise and not become complacent in speaking the truth or what He has instructed…

 Repeat them again and again to your children. Talk about them when you are at home and when you are away on a journey, when you are lying down and when you are getting up (Deut.6:7)

They must be scribed on my heart first. For what comes out my mouth is a result for what lies within. I have to remember that my responsibility is for the seen and unseen.

The challenge lies thick on my heart. Conviction reminds me that solitude with Him is the answer. For when I seek His guidance He will touch with a mighty strength, providing direction for His ways.

I remind myself that I must seek, seek, seek and not ever fear tomorrow. For He carries me in His everlasting arms of love. My role is to stay attached to the Vine and allow His goodness to penetrate through me so I can love, model and teach His decrees which will allow me to raise the leaders of tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Little Disciples…

  1. WOW, Inspirational! Just when I thought your writing couldnt get any better, you surprise me. Keep it up, cant wait for your next one. I am also praying for you, its hard being away from family, I know how it feels. My dads family all live in Austria and we only get to see them every 4 years. God is with you. I love you!!

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