New Mercies…

He writes a story of love to us every new morning. His mercies are rich and will twirl in the soul that opens wide. His breath of love will sustain the hungry and give strength daily.


He’s an omnipresent God yet leans in individually and touches hearts with intimacy. Through busyness and the grime of life I forget this. Hour after hour the choice of busyness is made. I leave His willingness to meet me personally so I can complete my chores.


Funny that the end never does end…round I go placing new demands on the list forgetting what should be number one.


The mind gets distracted and the spirit drained as I act out of self and not in His strength. Lips forget praise and turn to words filled with discontent.



Does the radiance of joy leave the face darkening that which should be light?

How can I lift my hands in praise yet keep my burdens so close to my heart?

To completely trust is to let go and let Him…His answer comes to an accepting heart ready to hear. Yet to hear the whisper takes time. The knee needs to bend in surrender, the mind has to empty itself until you meet Him in quietness.

The Spirit is parched and thirsts for His goodness…The longing turns to action. Fingers fumble pages to find soul food & rest. Words pierce and penetrate, as eyes read about His goodness. The Word is alive and starts to quench, stilling my mind & bringing His peace..

 Solitude fills the soul when in union with Him…

 Have an expectation of your meeting place…

 Open ears and hearts- become attuned to His voice


 He is good…God is good.

 Conviction wells up in the form of a question…Why do I allow myself to become busy and forget to prioritize time with Him? A wave of tiredness is felt. Come back to His strength and joy I say to myself. Search for it like hidden treasure. Wipe away demands and be available to meet Him, slow down and become unhurried…Its a decision. Be ready to accept His next invitation when it’s placed on my heart.


2 thoughts on “New Mercies…

  1. Oh Hannah, I needed to read this and now that I have I need to apply this to my life. Life is very busy for me and If I am honest with myself, I let God be last on my to do list….Thank you for these words!!!

  2. I reckon that is why we are told by Jesus to pray for our ‘daily’ bread. If we look to God every day and refocus our priorities according to Him, then the idol of busyness can be moved from what do we want/’need’ to do to – what God wants us to do…Now if only I could do this every day!

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