Circle of Five…

I’m taken back by the groups of men sitting, chatting and drinking freshly brewed coffee in a small country café. I take my seat and start to ‘people watch.’ I can’t help but listen to the conversations going on around me. I smile politely at a man that catches my eye and continue to observe. To the left of my table I hear an older man ask his friend “How are you…?” The friend responds by saying he’s “Ok…” The man asks again, but this time in a lower voice…“How are you really going?” The conversation unfolds and I choose to stop listening…

I’m struck by the community of friendships going on around me. It’s a bitter sweet taste as I start to think about my circle of five back home. I pry the closed box, it opens and floods my brain with memories . I see the showreel of photos and hear the conversations. It brings emotion and I try to fight the feeling. Fatigue sets in as the struggle is daily. I flinch at the pain which strikes hard and tears burn my eyes.

The girls were more like sister to me. We journeyed for many years sharing intimate moments that took us to places that only few dare to go…The place of vulnerability, trust & transparency. The place where the raw ugly parts were exposed, yet those moments were always received with grace. The words spoken in response would be shaped in truth allowing iron to sharpen iron.

We would open ourselves up, dropping guards and pretence to discuss marriage-Our aim was all the same…to champion our husbands on in every season of life. Rich discussions would flow as we talked parenting philosophies, challenging and helping each other along the unknown journey that laid before us. We would scrape away the muck and show the inner self that only few saw. Tears would flow easily and readily as different challenges came to the surface along the way. With hearts full of love we laid hands on one another, stilling ourselves before our common love and praying to Him. We longed to seek spiritual insight whilst uttering repentance and feeling fresh forgiveness. With tear stained faces we would embrace, give thanks and praise God for His gift called friendship.

I think about Jesus and his mateship with His twelve. I see them sitting under a tree discussing their daily activities on a hot summers afternoon. The aroma of fire in the air as they cook fish and drink wine. I see dust on their sandals and attentive faces as they listen to their ultimate friend. Jesus pouring out wisdom by saying

The greatest love is shown when people lay down their lives for their friends.(John 15:13).

The words penetrate deep and challenges the heart to love friends sacrificially. I scrub away the niceties of friendship to identify what this means for me on a daily basis.

The answers come quickly…

It means- Yes when a busy schedule says No, it says open my home to accommodate in time of need, cook an extra meal, fall on my knees to intercede, listen without interruption, love without condemnation, speak truth with words wrapped in kindness, show grace when expectations aren’t met and love without wanting anything in return..

I quiet my thoughts and see their beautiful faces…I don’t rush the moment…

My mouth starts to speak words of praise. Its like a force as joy spills out… I truly understand what Jesus is saying because I have recieved it. It’s the kind of friendship that forms a bond creating an eternal sisterhood. Distance may separate us for a season but my circle of five stay with me wherever I go…



3 thoughts on “Circle of Five…

  1. oh how beautifull friend! I miss you so much! And i so believe that Our sisterhood is what it is because of Gods love for us and that Jesus laying down His life for us was the greatest example of that, what amazing grace! Thank you for loving me and showing me this in our friendship! For Eternity Yah Yah

  2. I miss you darling Hann. Oh how I crave our runs and coffees, and times watching the kiddies running around enjoying each other, and when you could ask me how I am really going and hear the answer I was saying. But you are right, we will always be friends, L is betrothed to L after all! love you, Wendy

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