To Fight Like A Child…

 She’s tucked in bed, covered in pink blankets keeping her warm. I look into her deep blue eyes and reflect on our day. She asked to dress like a ballerina for school today…She loves to sway and move creating a world of dance. She spends hours twirling and circling to the rhythm of music. We whisper prayers as I push back her brown hair streaked with golden and kiss her goodnight. My motherheart leaps and beats pure love for my firstborn. A love that is so intense it hurts. 

I finally sit after a long day when I hear her call me back in asking for help. I enter her room and sit by her side. ‘Mama’ she says “I see a bad man in my head and he’s speaking bad words to lots of children…I’m scared.”

 As a warrior for God I know there’s times we have to fight

I reply “You  don’t have to be scared of anything sweetheart, God is right here… you want to pray?” “Yes please” she says…

I start to speak words claiming peace and demanding the man to be gone from her minds eye in the name of Jesus.” She has an instant smile…”Mama I see a sail boat on the water and now a frog jumping, the man has gone -just like I’ve turned a TV off.” I smile and answer “Don’t you love when God hears us and He makes the pictures in our mind nice again.” I kiss her once again and she is left to enjoy her nights rest.

I’m reminded by her childlike ways that my mind needs to remain guarded.

That I stay captive to the One that set me free

If you believe in God then you must know that He has an enemy…He wants to kill, steal & destroy everything about you. He lurks around like a deadly lion ready to devour his prey, snatching thoughts and enslaving them to fear, worry & unrest…He desires to hold you hostage, covering your life with bondage, so the shackles stay locked and you stay imprisoned to the now and the future…

That’s when we stand firm against lies

Remain & fight using the supernatural power He has given us who believe, understand the incredible greatness of His strength & awaken yourself to use it.

If a war is in operation become proactive and fight with divine intervention

He has come to give us life to the full. We are not born to live a life of mediocrity…Live, dance with freedom, enjoy peace and smile with a joy that oozes out of the soul…It’s yours to claim

Stay connected to the Source of Life and be bold when calling out to the name above all names…The name of Jesus


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