The Blind Eyes…

His anxiety manifests as I walk through the door. He sees his mama who brings comfort and familiarity and he lashes out hitting another child. I feel other mum’s stare, eyes full of  judgment that burn. I wince again…

 I can’t speak as the tears well in eyes that now see through different lenses…I pick him up and talk gently whilst a volcano erupts inside. The grief cascades down bringing sadness and isolation. It’s a messy game parenthood.

 The greatest blessing that grows within brings immense happiness and love that needs to be unraveled daily.

The untrained eye must seek beauty within the ugly.

Hands have to scrape away the dirt of the mundane to find the hidden treasure. Dig deep through routine and endless demands until you find it.

The loveliness comes in unpredictability, unwrap the gift of now and live in the moment. It’s a choice to see I say to myself.

My time has come to seek, find and discover. To walk the fine balance of professional opinion and see the gift God created and gave. A blessing that has shaped, stretched and brought me to my knees. When the forecast becomes uncertain the answer is to allow His lamp to be a light for the path.

One day is one stepping stone…

 I stop myself from becoming overwhelmed by keeping my eyes up. I still myself and breathe in His peace

Why is it easier to focus on shortcomings and magnify weakness than it is to build, edify & encourage? The natural tendency is to highlight the need of improving rather than rejoicing in the provision of His goodness

 I stop and ponder…

 It starts now I whisper to myself.. Surrender and finally accept

 Acknowledge that every gift given is good, even if the world sees it with blind eyes. Ooze praise in the turns and twists of life that leads down unexpected roads. Sit in the truth and lay it as a strong foundation keeping the spirit strong in times of weakness. To thank Him for the gift of today. I lay down the burden of expectation, leave it at the cross and trust that He, the God of love has big plans for the little guy I call Sunny.


2 thoughts on “The Blind Eyes…

  1. A mother’s love…painful at times. Those glances can feel like daggers. It’s hard not to feel them pierce the heart. But hold fast because God chose YOU to be mother to very specific children. You were made to be together, for however long that journey is and wherever it takes you. Hold him. Love him. Keep being the awesome mum that you are!!

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