The Audacity To Survive…

She was seen as an old woman in the eyes of the people that surrounded her. Mistreated and ignored because of her social situation. She had to fight daily against isolation and dig deep to survive on this crazy planet called earth. She was a widow in the ancient world who found herself in a dark place grieving her beloved and the two men she called sons.

I wonder… Did Naomi ever lay awake at night feeling hunger pains in her stomach because those around her refused to see with the eyes of their heart? Was she anxious when the cold winter months approached?  Her Moabite neighbours relieved themselves from any moral responsibility simply because she wasn’t a relative.

Did the lack of provision in her life override the sadness of being ostracized by her community or did her heart ache more to be nurtured and cared for by those around?  

Have you felt that deep ache longing to belong?

Isolation grips and paralyzes the person within. It tears into the heart slashing self esteem and worth with a sword that leaves scars. It’s a an internal fight to disagree with the words spoken by an undisciplined mouth, which has spat poison defiling & wounding.

Have you ever found yourself swimming against the tide of misconceptions, harsh words & lies? Inaccurate opinions are freely stated with thoughtless action causing bruises. And there you are again, sitting on the edge of a social situation yearning for acceptance. A barrier is formed purely to survive. It’s placed strategically to guard & protect the fragile. Yet in the quietness the tears unleash themselves, burning eyes & falling freely down cheeks. Sobbing feels like the only remedy, a friend that understands. The broken spirit is in despair searching for comfort yet all is found is hurt…Is there an answer you silently scream?

The fatiguing merry-go-round completes its cycle again…

And than the question is asked in a slow whisper…

Are.. you… really… there?

Do… you… see… me?

He does…

The Lord himself will fight for You. You won’t have to lift a finger in your defense.” (Exodus14:14NLT).

He… sees… YOU

He loves, delights & cherishes You

He wants to make your broken heart new. There is nothing that you’ve done or felt that eliminates You from His unconditional love. Nothing is too big for our powerful God to achieve. He restores the lowly bringing freedom & life. He calls You child and has extended an invitation for You to dance with Him into eternity.

You have no charge or guilt if You believe and accept His gift. It sits for You to unravel and delight in. The darkness & despair that sits in your life will be lifted, wounds will be healed, acceptance will be felt & Your spirit mended. Call out boldly to our God that listens & believe.


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