The Test Of Love…

It’s a symbol, a daily reminder of the promises I made ten years ago. I was a babe bride, all of twenty when I walked down the aisle wearing English Blush. He stood there as a twenty eight year old graduate ready to start his adventure with his first love…

I fiddle with the smooth gold ring that has taken bumps over the years leaving a few scratches and looking a little worn. It doesn’t subtract from the ring, in fact, it creates character, a story for the journey that has taken us into dark valleys and led us to mountaintops…the story of a marriage at its finest.


The woman inside strongly protects the sacred vows made on that warm Spring afternoon. It’s a love that burns deeply within, always guarding & always trusting.

My heart beats to the same drum as Solomon as he wrote “Place me like a seal over your heart, or like a seal over your arm. For love is a strong as death & it’s jealousy is as enduring as the grave. Love flashes like fire, the brightest kind of flame.” (Song of Songs 8:6)


Have you every thought about a fire. The colors are magnificent. The flames work together in unison to create a glow that can be seen from a great distance. It flickers and dances producing a radiance that the eye is drawn to. Whilst it burns, the heat becomes intense exuding a protective layer stopping outsiders becoming too close…

A fire needs fuel to keep burning bright…

Love between two people cannot be stolen or bought, it’s a God given gift that needs to honored and cherished. Love sees the best in the other person as it wraps itself in gentleness and humility. Love is the first to say sorry to mend brokenness after a period of silence…

It seeks to serve as it dismantles pride. It allows guards to be smashed exposing the person within. Its always hopes and protects.  It’s the place where my favorite quote comes to life

“Humility isn’t thinking less of yourself…its thinking of yourself less…

When walking in the valley seasons over the years, wisdom from a friend gently reminds me ‘the vows are for the hardtimes.” I use this as a glue for faithfulness. Storms are to be endured and ridden together. They pass if you choose them to.

On bended knee seeking the heart of God allows his melody for love to play…He provides the musical notes to provide insight, sustenance and the endurance to make your marriage walk into eternity.


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