Blind Spots…

I forgot about the request I prayed a few days ago. I uttered prayers asking God to change the girl within- to be more like Him. I daringly asked that He, the light of the world, would shine into blind spots of my character. You know, the parts that everyone else sees except you.

I longed for Him to unveil the hidden

He gave courage as He began to purify…

Refining hurts, it bends, moulds and reshapes. I pictured gold entering a hot furnace, the dense, soft metal melting becoming liquid amber, impurities rise to the surface ready to be ladled and then discarded.

He scooped into my wide open heart, reaching for the area that shied away from change. This style of living is so familiar, so comfortable.

He gently crafted, chipping the old away, restoring it with new. I saw myself reducing as he poured goodness into my thirsty soul quenching the longings of my heart.

Lips praised with words of adoration. I knelt at the foot of the cross where we are all equal…

I remembered his nail pierced hands as he hung…I surrendered all and found peace, it swirled and danced deep into my core.

The blinkers were taken off to an understanding that I had nothing more to give. Its was there in my vulnerability that I laid myself down completely, yielding demands, possessions and authority. It was in that place I self discovered…


The tugging began as He gently lifted dirt and I started to realize the state I was truly in. Mess began to pour out like lava. Tears stung my eyes &  fell down my cheek. 

Secret parts exposed themselves and revelation was given.

He provided understanding and insight to cycles of behaviour. Reactions that were so engrained found answers.

I had no other place to go except down…

Digging and finding, digging and finding..

So many parts found…

I scraped away chaos & confusion leaving nothing of myself unturned. I knew I needed to decrease myself so He could amplify His power to strengthen and rebuild.

Sin had seeped into holes & lurked around like a deadly poison. It’s was a self destructive trap that tricked and entangled holding me captive.

In His powerful name I rebuked and claimed liberty. Chains broke as His Holy presence dwelled..

Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.

I started to speak & own his promises “God has purchased my freedom with his blood and forgiven all of my sins (Col 1:14).

The truth is light and weightless. It took away shame & guilt. Through His revelation I knew I had to make choices which will flow into tomorrow. Not to go back to old habits is a deliberate decision that I must find the courage and strength to do in His Name.

The journey of change is endless, but I know with Him all things are possible…







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