The clock marches forward creating a passage for time to walk down. Behind it a door slams shut forming a barrier between the past and present.

It’s a sobering thought knowing I can’t enter into yesterday the way I can tomorrow.

It stops me in my tracks as I reflect on the girl that I’ve been this week. I start to question my tongue and the words it has formed when speaking of others, the lack of patience when children’s room’s are untidy or a reaction filled with intolerance when spilt milk is on the counter after cleaning it ten times.

In those moments have I remembered that I’m living for the now and not tomorrow?


To relish in my God given days and find joy amongst the messiness of life?

I read in One Thousand Gifts “That only self kills joy.” What a confronting statement that permeates truth.

In every second I have a choice to make.

 To find goodness in the ‘now’ and embrace it with open arms or reject it with negativity thinking it will bring change.

Its a deliberate decision to cling to His goodness and His daily gifts.


Sometimes I need to dig deep to find the simple treasure of the present & when I do it’s ready to be uncovered.


 Then it comes…

 Plain & ordinary

 In words of kindness,

Stealing kisses,

Watching children sleep soundly,

Reading books,

Ironing shirts that belong to him,

Crumbs in the cookie jar,

A morning coffee made with love

New lenses replace the old. Regret of my actions surface as I turn to the Father who forgives & makes everything new. He restores and turns ashes into beauty.


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