Its Time…

The scent of a new morning flows through the window. The birds are making music as they introduce the new day. He snuggles hard into my chest and mothers love overflows. The little one that once grew inside my belly smiles adoringly…Gratitude bubbles within


 Life is conceived and sketched by our Great God. He had the story of the present mapped out and his plan for You has come to fruition

You are no mistakes…

 Our artistic God bestows unique gifts on his children. His handy work coming to fruition with every life born. There in that moment potential filled lives with hidden treasure are welcomed into the world made for him to enjoy.


Imagine a marvelous rainbow filled with harmonies colors bringing hope and fulfilling promises that he the Great God has made.

 He had the same thoughts when you were born

 You are apart of his story…

 His presence starts to stir. He gently shifts a stale mind set and moulds his piece of clay into something beautiful. It’s time to close the book that scribes words filled with doubt and fear. Its time to stand up, rise to his calling and purpose placed on your life.


On bended knee and in stillness we hear him whisper instruction…

Do you listen?

 When hearts align with our Maker and conviction felt than how do we ignore?

 Its time to rise

All things are possible, he provides endurance, strength and determination for his children to run the course which is unique and important.

The gifts are many yet just as crucial as the next. Comparing and desiring that in which we don’t have allows envy to grow. It enables your hidden treasure to lay dormant and waste away…Fan your gifts into flameshine like the stars


He has placed desires and passions deep within your core and only you with His help can achieve it. He believes in you

No other person is like You or is You

only You are You.

Step out in the place he has you right now. Don’t be blinded or overwhelmed by the future. He knows where your road leads. Start to sow into your garden and allow him to bring the rain. He will never leave nor forsake you…

 Today is a new day, it brings new mercies, new grace and a challenge to rise to a Holy calling…


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