He’s Right There…

The morning sun shines and creates reflections across the lake, the coffee is hot and sweet, Hummingbirds hover above, whilst chipmunks scrimmage for food. There’s barely a sound as I open hands to him, the maker of all splendour to search his ways…


The chorus spills out of my mouth…

Humbly I come to you for I know you satisfy, I am hungry and I know your love does not run dry…so I’ll wait for you…I’ve fallen on my knees offering all of me, Jesus your all this heart is looking for.”

Hands remain open and a thirst beckons an answer

He is quiet but a promoting nudges me to Isaiah 49…His promises dance as they make their way into my spirit. My eyes fall upon highlighted sentences.

“But my work all seems so useless! I have spent my strength for nothing and no purpose at all. Yet I leave it all in the Lords hand.”

The black words are bold as the speak to the heart. A reminder is spoken as I reflect. I am his servant and all works are done for his glory…alone.

 I cry out so this servant girl has a pure heart.

My eyes continue to read words that reassure…

“Just at the right time I will respond to you.”

Gratitude trickles into my heart and lips give praise that he is right here. He knows perfect timing, he’s faultless and carves paths providing light unto my feet. He sees into darkness and the unknown… my steps need be that of faith. Continue to be patient I think to myself, He is the Sheppard who leads and provides strength to endure the course of life…

I continue to read….

“The Lord in his mercy will lead them beside cool waters and he will make his mountains into level paths”

His greatness is hard to comprehend. The Lord our God, the one we can cry out to day and night is about to prove that He can accomplish the impossible. Warriors are about to set their captives free and our Father is about to complete his promise…

I sit in silence and wrestle with this, I worship the same God that released those prisoners and He is the same yesterday, today and forever– so do I believe he can do the same for me?

He is the key that unlocks prison doors providing a life unhindered. He washes away shame breaking chains that once held this girl in bondage…

To be free, unhindered & liberated within life was and still is offered. Cling to his daily forgiveness, compassion & mercy I whisper so he can accomplish his great purpose…

Allow his power and might to increase which will strengthen and uphold.

Become a slave to freedom

Distrust starts to shy away and his promises start to illuminate bringing colour to a grey world… I feel my self rise and settle into his goodness. Its time I hear him say, I close my eyes and see his hand take mine, we start to walk into unknown territory where a new adventure is about to begin…


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