Two Worlds…

The scenery is exquisite and peaceful as we drive through a Mennonite community in Waterloo Ontario. My spirit is soaring as I soak up the beauty of God’s handiwork. It truly is a Holy Experience…





Our car drives over hot tar which turns into a gravel road, we pass fields covered in honey coloured blankets filled with wheat, green crops sprinkled with flecks of yellow burst with life and in the distance I see a farmer on his tractor digging into the earth.

With enthusiasm I ask the Pastor who I call husband “can you feel it? I don’t wait for an answer.. I continue “Can you feel the peace this place brings? I feel like my spirit is being filled up by this very moment!”

Its the simplicity I reflect…What’s pleasing to the eye is not man made, it doesn’t’t shine or sparkle or fade over time. It’s a simple beauty yet the influence seeps deep into the very essence of my heart’s desire. It’s a one dimensional style of living striping back pretence resulting in an uncomplicated straightforward existence.

I yearn…

I think of Jesus and his simple life. The man that chose not to marinate himself in materialism or be persuaded by the pull of this world. The attention he brought to himself wasn’t through prestige or labels but instead by character. He displayed a righteous life humbly living in faith and for others.

I breathe in the moment and think about my loss of focus and the treasures I’m storing up. Things that steal time, get rusty and are eaten by moths…Matt 6:19

We continue to drive and my eye catches wild flowers dancing free in the wind…I’m here today and gone tomorrow I think. Perspective rears it head, I sigh…

A horse drawn carriage passes by, a father and his three daughters wearing bonnets flushed by the heat stare…I look back from my air conditioned car which is playing a DVD and become overwhelmed by my irony. It’s at that time a large gorge separates our world and a sense of conviction felt. I know a fundamental change needs to occur within. I read in Matt 6:22 Pure eyes allows sunshine into my soul. I need to be on guard for the desires that I focus on & make deliberate decisions to store treasures up in heaven and not here on earth.. I pray for help…


2 thoughts on “Two Worlds…

  1. The dichotomy of the world we live in and the choice to follow the simplicity where graces are found. It’s really not that different than Jesus’ times, is it? Sure, we have more technology and more ‘stuff’, but there were distractions back then too, just manifested differently. Your words, once again, resonate within me and I am grateful for your sharing.

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