Time To Listen…

A conversation is playing in my mind, debating the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Round and round the words go making me giddy. Questions and justified answers are given to a crazy request of love. To ignore the burden of my heart is much easier, interfering will cost my time, expenses, pride & ego. I continue to walk in the wrong direction…

His voice gently whispers, take time to listen, obey and than act accordingly.I love justice and a humble servant who extends arms of radical love.

I sigh…

The undeniable tugging is becoming stronger and the heart is now heavy with conviction.

I slowly turn towards obedience

My feet carry me, one by one they step forward. Doubt still sings its tune…

As I walk and debate I reflect on the man who lived beyond himself untouched by disobedience. His servant heart was in tune to ‘love’ promptings, which was then acted upon. He graciously performed life transforming miracles of love. He lived in the moments of ‘now’ stretching arms to embrace the conviction placed on his heart. He restored brokeness by acts of kindness, took the time to look deep into the eyes of the people he was talking to, touched the unlovely, healed the downcasts, cuddled children and accepted differences. Life seemed to be taken moment by moment, unrushed or unhurried. He didn’t seem to strive to complete ‘lists’ or errands but instead fulfilled his own agenda called love

His voice murmurs again…are you ready to listen? I feel his peace and joy flow deep within, confirmation rings loud, I pick up my pace to walk faster. To love beyond myself can never be wrong, selflessness comes from him alone and hearing the desires of his heart is a privileged instruction.

I feel this vessel needs to be filled daily with his purpose and part of that is to love radically




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