They get up quickly from the table where they were coloring pictures and run out of the house, gone without a goodbye, a thank you or answering her question of where they were going. She’s left alone looking out the window following her friends with her eyes as they quickly run away leaving her standing as one…



I scrub the table where ink seeps deep staining and I wonder if they were the only marks left leaving a blemish…

I feel a surge of emotion as my mothers heart cries out to protect yet perspective pushes its way in. The table  is now clean and stains  removed…I know how this feels.


The table I was so focused on is turning and I can’t help but to self evaluate. I feel my shortcomings manifesting and being brought to the surface. With conviction I swallow the thoughts of failings I’ve brought to relationship and with remorse I remember the angry tongue,  harsh words spoken, lack of humility when expectations weren’t met, the list is endless.

I whisper prayers of thanksgiving for all the situations he has made right again, restoring relationship by providing second chances and new beginnings. Grace is felt…

A thought comes,  if I decrease in relationship and become radical in selflessness than what might happen? If I truly love as he did will this change perspective and expectation. Didn’t Jesus die fundamentally for relationship. What greater example do I need? He displayed the ultimate sacrifice in relationship for relationship.


The main artery in my heart needs to be love. Love that is not self seeking but rather patient, kind and forgiving.  I know it does and will continue to costs, to demand sacrifice and it will hurt at times, but I know the pain will much more if I didn’t have those to love.


One thought on “Relationships…

  1. Wow, Hanna, what a gift you have been blessed with. Thanks so much for sharing your gift. You are truly a blessing!

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