To remain, to stay connected, committed at all times is a challenge echoing within.I close my eyes and see a tree bearing fruit, ripe, rich with colour connecting to a vine that is strong and nourishing. The branches are providing life, support, so it grows to its full potential…In this quiet moment I remember how vital it is for me to stop and remain

For if I didn’t remain, than I know the source of my growth would diminish and the fruit within this character would fade. The reflection of his love that he planted within would lose it’s shine and the desire to manifest love, joy, patience, kindness, humility, goodness would rot one by one bruising and damaging those around and the girl within.

I close my eyes, open hands and begin to pray, that he the maker will sustain me in the calling he has placed on my life. That he the vine will provide sustenance and fertilise the roots that run deep into his rich soil providing life, colour and purpose, so that this girl will live a radical life bearing goodness bringing glory to his name alone.

A surge of excitement rises and the beginning of new life begins. A bud opens, releasing coloured dreams that were planted long ago. It’s in this exact moment a realisation occurs, we can choose to live in Spring moments day by day allowing new buds to unfold. The challenge is, allowing them to blossom.


One thought on “Remain…

  1. Hann, I am so proud of you for following your dream, and using the amazing gift of words and encouragement that our precious Lord has given you. Wish I could give you a big hug….sending you one accross the seas. Mel xxx

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