A Thought on Father’s Day…

It’s a day of reflection when I, his wife stops to give thanks. He is creating a legacy for his family as he spends endless hours pursuing relationship with his own flesh and blood. He is a Shepard on watch for his flock as he gently guides his family through life. A quite spirited man with a deep inner strength that permeates masculinity.


I watch him dance with his little girl, and feel her heart wide open to his love. I see his kind blue eyes gaze at his princess who twirls and flirts with her Daddy. His words tender as he sows into her heart. Time stops and the world laughs as they embrace. There is a knowing that time passes quickly and she will one day be twirling and smiling for another man that will steal her heart…

He is a man that is deliberate and thoughtful living under conviction as he rises up to lead. His bible open as he seeks and than acts, a man that is wise, compelled by love to make change for the greater and dies to himself that little bit more…

A man that loves justice and walks selflessly as he puts the needs of others before his own. Even on his weary days when fatigue sets in, he reads stories, allows the imagination of his children to take him on an adventure and he plays delighting in our two gifts that God has given us. The man that I call Husband and his two children call “Daddy.”


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