The black bold letters jump from the page, shaking thoughts as his love letter is read… Our Heavenly Fathers instruction clear yet so deeply challenging…”Those who say they live in me should live their lives as Christ did.”

The spirit drinks from the source which renews strength. It seeps into pores and soaks the fibre hidden within. The coolness cleanses, refreshes to make pure again. The soul leaps during this solitude moment and demands weighing heavily disintegrate.

The mind refocuses and the eyes lift to the heavenly.

It’s a wild idea to live radically as he did. Extending his hand to touch the untouchable, making unhurried time to listen to stories of brokenness and shame without condemnation, reaching out to those in need yet doing it all with humility.

The imagination allows a snap shot of his face. That which is tender and grace filled as he smiles and delights in his creation which was made from dust -so vulnerable and fragile yet this is so easily forgotten.

Children stumble and fall yet arms of love lift us up and gently dust us down to start again.

The road is marked out with footprints that have gone before, all we have to do is follow…


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